2019 The Year of the Marker – Liquitex Paint Markers

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2019 The Year of the Marker – Liquitex Paint Markers

So my new year has begun with a glorious new courier in the mail and the package is rather big so naturally I’m excited. Once opened, inside is a metal tin with a window on the front so you can get a peek at what’s inside. What I see are 12 markers of bright colours and 3 larger markers in black, white and silver. I have in my hot little hands the Liquitex Paint Markers. Now I’m super excited to give these a try as I absolutely love drawing, painting is fun too but I have to try a lot harder at that and now that I have the two mashed together I’m excited at the possibilities of what I can create.

I open them up to examine and I see the tip looks similar to that of a sharpie pen however at the moment it’s white in colour this will soon become filled with paint as I use it. In this range there are 50 colours available and the cool thing about these pens is that they’re refillable and you can also change the tips. Highly pigmented, they’re water based acrylic which means you can use them anywhere you’d use acrylic paints. One of the uses listed with these pens is murals, which is the total vibe that I get straight away from these pens - it makes me want to create some street art.

To get going all you need to do is shake the pen a few times and push down on the nib and keep going until you see the paint flowing. There is a special ball pump valve used in these pens to make sure the flow of paint is even, and the nib shape is designed so you can achieve multiple line thickness depending on the angle at which you use them. Right, I’m ready to experiment...

You can find the full range of Liquitex Paint Markers Here.

 - Natasha Fitzpatrick