2019 The Year of the Marker – Liquitex Paint Markers Part 2

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2019 The Year of the Marker – Liquitex Paint Markers Part 2

So getting started on creating art, this is all new to me as I’ve never tried paint markers before so this is a big experiment. As I mentioned in blog 1 my first initial feel for these pens was to create street style art but there is so much more variety to these than just that type of art, you can really go in any direction you choose. Landscapes, abstract - the possibilities are endless.

So kicking off I decide to create something with bold colour, as these pens pop out in vibrancy. I sketch out a design in pencil first and as I grab a marker they feel light to hold and a good size in my fairly small hands. I’m starting with the 4mm chisel tip, I push down a couple of times to get the paint flowing, I’m a little hesitant between each pump as I’m unsure how fast the paint will flow and the last thing I want to do is create a puddle. Happy to say they don’t flow out too fast and it’s almost relaxing watching the white nib soak in the paint.

The flow of paint is nice and even and the colour stays bright. The pens are lightfast which means the colour won’t fade over time. Playing around the texture changes the harder you push down. I start to blend a few colours, which is a little tricky as you have to get the paint while it’s wet I find it dries pretty quickly, so I need to work on my blending with these pens. So my finished first attempt with these pens was good fun and turned out not too bad.

You can find the full range of Liquitex Paint Markers Here.

 - Natasha Fitzpatrick