2019 The Year of the Marker – Liquitex Paint Markers Part 3

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2019 The Year of the Marker – Liquitex Paint Markers Part 3

So I’m onto my final piece of art with these pens and as I said in the beginning the feel I got from them straight away was a street art or  mural vibe. So this will be my focus on this piece and I’m really looking forward to having a play & creating something funky. The other cool thing about these pens is that they’re also compatible with other Liquitex products so you can combine them with a spray paint or varnish.

Anywhoo back to the art. So I begin to sketch out my design. I’m wanting to create a whole bunch of different elements in this piece, bricks, large streaks, blocks & big splats of paint. Getting started, these pens are just good fun there’s so much variety & you get all the control of a pen with the texture of paint, you can create smooth straight lines and then great big streaks of paint. To get my big splat of paint look, I achieve this by pumping a lot of paint and waiting for it to build up then getting the tips to drip. Once you have the desired amount of paint on your canvas you then start gently blowing the paint to create that running look.

In my set there are the larger markers, 8-15mm and I use the Rich Silver as part of my back ground colour. Even though these have a larger tip you can still control the size of the stroke really well. Yes the picture is of an unfinished piece of art but you get the gist of where I’m heading, juggling the school holidays, my day job and an art blog you can get the feel that I’m not someone who sits still for very long and the start of this year is a busy one.

Overall my review of the Liquitex Paint markers is that they are fun! They bring out your inner child. They get you to experiment, which is always a good thing in my book. I think they could be used for an array of art so I believe every artist should have a set of these on hand in their studio.

You can find the full range of Liquitex Markers Here.

 - Natasha Fitzpatrick