Becoming One With The Paint - Global Student Acrylic

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Becoming One With The Paint - Global Student Acrylic

With so many colours, types and brands of acrylic paint out there, how do you know where to start?  What style you want to paint in and of course how much you want to spend. 

Preferred mediums and brands are going to vary from artist to artist. Though you can listen to recommendations from others, it's all going to come down to exploration. Your painting style will  influence you on your paint decision. For example, liquid acrylic creates a watercolour effect while thick acrylic will be better suited for techniques like impasto painting.  What I have used today is Impasto Paint. Impasto paint means thick paint. Van Gogh painted Starry Night using Impasto Paint.

You can buy student or professional quality paint. The pricier professional quality paints are great once you have established your style, and your preferred medium.  In the meantime there are some great starting out products you can use to get you going.

Global Fine Art Student Acrylics is what I have used today. Using a starter pack with five colours. Red, Black, White, Blue, and Yellow. All the colours come in a smooth bright buttery consistency. So what to paint?? How to paint and what to paint with. Painting with Impasto doesn’t have to be expensive to start out. 

I chose to do a landscape scene, painting with Impasto paints allows you to use a palette knife or paintbrush that will hold a lot of paint or even just your fingers. Today I chose to use my fingers. You are going to want a good flat palette to work on, as you will be mixing a lot of paint together and it can get quite messy. If you have ever seen an artist’s palette with paint all over it. They most likely are painting using Impasto paint.

For this painting I used all five colours of the Global Student Acrylic to create the rich greens, browns, needed for the landscape. I laid down a base with which had a bit of thickness, with the colours that I will be using, with the palette knife. Just enough to cover the canvas and have none of it showing through.  I then mixed the colours red, yellow and blue to make the brown needed for the trees. Putting the tree trunks down first and adding a slight hint of black to separate the brown colours. You don’t have to worry too much on mixing it heavily as you want different shades coming through. You can see slight hints of red and greenish yellow were the colours have not quite mixed into the brown.

Then I mixed blue with white and a slight hint of green in some places. And a very tiny bit of red to show reflections of the flowers. This was then put down with a side to side motion. Allowing white to come through like breaking water as it flows down the creek, and the red showing enough to hit at a reflection.  Lastly mixing the yellow with the blue to get green and adding a small amount of black to make dark green in some places I used my finger to apply the paint by dabbing the paint down onto the canvas.   Only dab a couple of time then reapply more paint to your finger. Once done I then used yellow and red by dipping the finger in one then the other and tapped away over the green to produce the spring flowers in the field. The darker green made good bushes and greenery for the trees.    

Painting done just like the masters used to do, and had fun doing it. I paint in realism so this was quite a bit different to what I am used to. But, well, what can I say? It’s quick, fun, easy to use, and a great starting point for new artists. So what are you waiting for? Get Painting Impasto style!

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 - Lynn Gillespie Art


All images used with permission