Canson Heritage WC paper - Jan Thomson

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Canson Heritage WC paper - Jan Thomson

Heritage watercolour paper is top of the Canson range. This 100% cotton paper, as with their Moulin de Roy paper, is available in Hot Pressed, Cold Pressed and Rough. All of the Canson papers come in 24 x 32” sheets, which is a great way to buy it and if needed you can then cut to whatever size you like. I suggest for beginning painters that you buy a pack and share it with a friend, which is an economical way to try artist grade materials.

So, I tried the same painting exercises that I did a few weeks ago on the Moulin de Roy. On each I painted wet on wet with three pigment and let them blend together.

The Hot Pressed is beautifully smooth to paint on. I was especially impressed with how vibrant the colours stayed, even when dry. Again, I think this would be lovely for floral paintings.

The Cold Pressed has a slight texture, enough to do a bit of dry brushing but still able to take a smooth wash.

The Rough has a nice rough surface, great for flicking paint across – this would definitely be my pick, especially for landscape work. The granulating pigments settle nicely and dry brush is easy to do.

On all three surfaces it was easy to lift off paint, and they were equally nice to use wet or dry.

These papers are great for both professional and interest painters. I suspect that if you’re an Arches user you will enjoy trying these out.

It’s great that Art Supplies stock a good range of different brands of quality papers, making it easy to try out something different when you feel like a new challenge.