DecoArt Mediums

DecoArt Mediums

DecoArt Mediums allow you to change the finish of your finished project. For the full range of mediums stocked see here.

DecoMagic Brush Cleaner

DecoMagic Brush Cleaner is an all-purpose, non-toxic cleaner that removes paints from brushes, hands, stencils, and fabrics. It works with both wet and dried paint and leaves brushes soft and pliable. DecoMagic Brush Cleaner can also be used as an all-purpose jewelry cleaner.


  • For dried paint in brushes, saturate bristles and let brush sit in cleanerfor a few minutes. Work paint out from the bristles and repeat until clean.
  • Do not use on pearls or costume jewelry.
  • Gently scrub stencils and rinse with warm water.

One Step Crackle

One Step Crackle provides an aged or modern crackled effect in one easy step. It is easier to use and less expensive than other two-step crackle products. You can antique with One Step for an old world effect or color wash with it for a newer, trendier look. One Step's crackle effect can be controlled by the thickness of application.


  • Do not overwork. Apply a generous coat and leave it alone to self-level and crackle.
  • Apply over a painted or sealed surface
  • To speed up dry time, use a hair dryer on the low setting and hold three feet away from the surface to prevent 'wrinkles' in the finish. Note that cracks will be smaller when dried this way.
  • Thin application will produce small crackled effects and a thick application will produce large ones.

Multi-Purpose Sealer

Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer is designed to adhere to all surfaces and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Its superior adhesiveness, smoothness, and durability allow it to be used on virtually any hard, paintable surface. Dries to a clear finish.


  • Thin with water for more absorbent surfaces
  • For slick metal surfaces, clean and scuff to a rough finish before applying
  • For glazed ceramics or glass, apply one coat to surface before painting or mix equal parts paint and sealer
  • Speed up basecoating by mixing equal amounts of paint and Multi-Purpose Sealer and apply to the project's surface
  • For outdoor sufaces, mix it into the paint so no varnishing is necessary

Pearlizing Medium

Turn regular acrylic paints into paints that shimmer.

Perfect Crackle

Perfect Crackle is a two-step crackle product that dries clear, making it ideal for creating a cracked porcelain or aged, crackled effect over painted decorative designs or plain base-coated surfaces.


  • To antique, apply Gel Stains once the crackle has dried, then wipe off excess with a soft cloth
  • Dry naturally, which may take more than 24 hours. Do not force dry with heat or air.
  • For tiny cracks, apply light even coats of both steps, and do not overwork.
  • For large cracks, apply two to three heavy coats of Step 1. When Step 1 is completely dry, apply one coat of Step 2.
  • Practice on a sample piece to determine the preferred crackle effect.

Staining/Antiquing Medium

For creating unlimited stain colors. Mix equal parts with
acrylic paints to make a stain; use for antiquing; or to
increase the open time of paint

Star Lite Varnish\Top Coat

Star Lite Varnish is a soft, glittering topcoat that adds sparkle to a variety of surfaces from wood to paper. Star Lite Varnish can be used as a topcoat for any acrylic paint. It dries to a crystal clear, glittering finish.

Texturizing Medium

Smooth, flexible, opaque, paintable, texture that can
be used to create stamped impressions, textured
surfaces, or dimensional designs

Triple Thick Gloss Glaze

Triple Thick Gloss Glaze is ideal for adding a glazed ceramic look to a variety of hard craft surfaces. Because it is extra-thick, only one coat is needed for most surfaces. Available in 2 oz. and 8 oz. brush-on formulas or a spray.

  • Goes on smoothly with no stroke marks
  • Finish adds the illusion of depth
  • Brushable product is non-toxic
  • Soap and water clean-up

Weathered Wood

Crackling medium. Gives virtually any craft surface a vintage, distressed finish.

For the full range of mediums stocked see here.