Lest We Forget - Jan Thomson

Jan Thomson, Maimeri, Paint, Red, Water Colour Paint -

Lest We Forget - Jan Thomson

With Armistice Day next Sunday this seems like a good week to paint poppies. Most of the poppies in my garden are red, pink and orange, so this gave me a chance to try out Maimeri Blu warm pigments!

The colours which I’ve used in this little painting are:

Rosso Primario Magenta, Rosso Pyrollo, Giallo Primario, Giallo Transparente and Blu Oltremare.

I began with a wet in wet wash, dropping in my cooler reds towards the top to push those flowers back a little, then adding the warmer reds and oranges nearer the foreground. Yellows were dropped in, too, being allowed to mix on the paper. This method gives beautiful soft edges, very appropriate for these lovely silken petals. I made some green here and there by using blue wet in wet, then left the painting to dry. If you’re planning to glaze with watercolour you must let the first wash dry completely, otherwise you risk disturbing the base colour.

Once the underwash was dry I could begin building the petals up with layers of the same colours, again letting them blend wet in wet. I tried to leave little sparkles of white paper here and there to add liveliness - it’s easy to paint these out and a real shame to lose them!

Once again I let the wash dry, then finally added some darks around the main flowers shapes to make them pop.

Poppies are such rewarding, easy flowers to grow, adding spring colour to your garden, and a timely reminder to be grateful for living in a peaceful, safe place.