Limited Palettes - Maimeri Blu

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Limited Palettes - Maimeri Blu

Continuing on from my two colour palette …

Next, using three Maimeri colours you can create an exciting colour range to work with. All you need is one yellow, one red and one blue.

The first example is a warm palette, using Terra de Sienna, Blu Oltre Marie Chiaro and Rosso Pyrrolo – together these form a soft green, a fiery orange and a greyish purple. They also mix to make a beautiful warm grey and a luscious purple /black.

The second trio is a cool one – Blu de Fainza, Gilallo Primario and Rosso Magenta – this is pretty close to three pure primaries, which make a lovely green, a clear orange and a violet – they also combine to make a transparent grey and a beautiful black.

The last set is also cool, but I’ve substituted Indigo for my blue, which makes the green and purple both darker and slightly cooler. Again, a beautiful grey and black.

Any of these neutrals that I’ve painted in the centre of the colour wheel can be made warmer by adding more red or yellow, or cooler by adding more blue.

They’ve all been allowed to mix on the wet paper , which gives beautiful variation to you work – though , of course , if it’s a dead flat wash that you’re after then you can always mix them on your palette.

I always suggest in my workshops that this exercise is really valuable to a watercolourist – make yourself a little chart like this for different pigment combinations and put them in a clearfile, then if you’re uncertain about choosing a colour scheme you can flick back through them and see what colours to use to get the effect you want. You can also see at a glance what kind of neutrals and darks you can make with your chosen colours, saving time and paint!