Maimeri Blu Watercolour Paints

Maimeri Blu Watercolour Paints

Since 1923 the Maimeri family in Italy have been making artist quality paints- oil, watercolour and then acrylic.

It’s very exciting that Art supplies NZ are now stocking Maimeri Blu watercolour paint and mediums and I’m currently trying out some of the colours from the new range. The paints themselves are beautiful – great pigment strength and the ones which I’m working with are very transparent. They contain no fillers or additives, being blended with gum Arabic. They all have good light fastness ratings


When I first opened the two yellows – Giallo Transparente and Giallo Primario – I immediately thought of sunflowers! So I picked up a sheet of watercolour paper (I use Fabriano Artistico rough, also Italian made) and washed both yellows over the sheet, dropping in Ultramarine Blue here and there. Once that wash was dry I began dropping in some darker areas (a mix of the yellow, blue a little Pyrrol Red and some Magenta) to begin picking out the flower shapes.

The pigments are possibly stronger than other brands I’m used to, so the yellow is certainly singing! A final touch of green here and there, and a bit of blue glazing to knock some bits of yellow into the background and it’s done.

Apart from the UB which granulates, the colours seem very fine – I can see that they will be lovely to glaze with – think sheets of cellophane. As they are so transparent the white of the paper really glows through – one of the most important properties of watercolour for me.

So this little painting was done with just five of the Maimeri colours – Giallo Transparento, Giallo Primario, Blu Oltremare Chiaro, Rosso Pyrrolo and Rosso Primario Magenta.

I’m looking forward to trying out the other colours I have and seeing what luscious mixes they make.


You can find our full range of Maimeri Blu Watercolour paints here and the intro set here.