Matisse Sampler Set

Matisse Sampler Set

So recently I was asked by the wonderful team at if I’d like to do a few blogs for them on their products, which I jumped at!  What an awesome opportunity to try new stuff. What artist wouldn’t want to do this? So on Tuesday the first of these gems arrived at my door, all packaged up. It felt like Christmas! Unwrapping with the excitement of a little kid, I found inside the Matisse Sampler Set.

The box is pretty cool, it’s splashed all over with colourful artworks & the first one that strikes my eye is the fella on the front, the name is even better! ‘Jesus likes the hair on my chest’ this made me laugh out loud, what a fabulous name! 

Looking at him I wonder how the picture relates to that name. Is he perhaps a clean-shaven Jesus looking on at wonder at the guys divine chest hair or is he in fact the guy with the magical chest hair that our Holiness digs so much?   Either way the box is cool and I’m down with its artwork & crazy names. 

Sliding out the tray I find 12 little tubes of acrylic paint in the warm and cool primary colours that you’ll need to start painting your very own guy with chest hair.

I’ve listed the names of colours below with pictures in order so you can see those vibrant colours in all their glory.

  • Carbon Black
  • Australian Sienna
  • Red Oxide
  • Australian Red Violet
  • Yellow Light Hansa
  • Yellow Deep
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Phthalocyanine Blue
  • Brilliant Alizarine (Crimson)
  • Matisse Red Light
  • Titanium White x 2

I can’t wait to get stuck in and my mind & creative juices are racing with ideas. I’m picturing a mountain scene with trees and autumn colours. But thinking of an original name? That will probably get the better of me!

 - Natasha Fitzpatrick