Moulin de Roy WC Paper - Jan Thomson

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Moulin de Roy WC Paper - Jan Thomson

The Canson paper company had its beginnings in a small village in France in 1557. Since then it has become world famous for its high-quality art papers (as well as being responsible for making and launching the first hot air balloon in 1782!). Luckily for those of us who paint, they set aside aeronautical ambition and continued to research and produce art papers.

Today I’ve been trying out their Moulin de Roy range. This paper is made from 100% cotton and would be a great everyday paper to use. It meets acid free and archival standards, so you can confidently use it knowing that your work will last. I always advise my students to use the best paper they can afford, and only cotton. It’s so much easier to work on good artist grade paper, and nothing could be more disappointing than creating a masterpiece only to watch the paper buckle and know that the colours are going to fade.

There are three different papers available in the range- Hot Pressed (smooth), Cold Pressed and Rough. Each has its own strengths and characteristics.

I used the same paints on each kind to give you an idea of how they are to paint on…

  • Hot Pressed – this is a deliciously smooth paper, ideal for portraits and flowers or any subject where you’d like soft blended edges. The paint flows smoothly across the surface. As you can see from my photo, even granulating pigments stay smooth.

  • Cold Pressed – has a slight texture, enough to add a bit of tooth for dry bush and granulation.

  • Rough – now we’re talking! (Can you tell which is my favourite?). Though it doesn’t granulate as well as the Fabriano which I usually use, it still has some texture – quite an even texture. Excellent for drybush.

All three papers were very nice to paint on. I was especially impressed with how cleanly I could lift off paint back to white paper. The paint moved around well on all three, and it was easy to achieve both soft and hard edges.

I’d recommend this range for anyone keen to try different paper types at a reasonable price. Next time I’ll be testing their Heritage range…