Mountain Scene - Matisse Sampler Set Series

Mountain Scene - Matisse Sampler Set Series

Mountain scene using the Matisse Sampler Set

So I’m still learning my craft with painting (I guess who isn’t?). We’re always improving, but acrylic is my natural choice of paint as I like how fast it dries. So once I received my Matisse Sampler box set I had visions of creating this mountain scene with snow capped loveliness. Inspiration high, I start with blending my background to create a sort of dusk look. What I find with the Matisse Sampler set is that the colours inside are bright and vibrant, and the paint feels thick enough to hold your brush strokes which is perfect for getting that snow capped look on my mountain tops. I haven’t used a palette knife as this piece is just on an A4 Canvas paper, so it’s not as thick as a proper canvas, but the feel of these paints is that they would work perfectly for palette application.

The blending is easy and the colours mix well together. Creating new colours is a breeze, and the coverage is really good too. I feel that even though the tubes at first seem small there is more than enough paint here to get a real feel for the colours and textures of this brand.

Carrying on creating I add my trees to my scene and again the paint is thick and holds my strokes and details in a great way, I like how when the paint dries that bright colour & vibrancy doesn’t fade. All in all I’m enjoying the Matisse Structure paints and my piece is coming along nicely.

 - Natasha Fitzpatrick