New Atelier Mediums - Jan Thomson

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New Atelier Mediums - Jan Thomson

Atelier have just launched some new mediums, and today I’ve been trialing two of them – Atelier Thin Medium and Atelier Middle Medium.

I enjoy painting on primed hardboard, but sometimes acrylic paint can be a bit “draggy” on this surface – so I decided to use the Thin medium first to do an underwash which I wanted to be quite liquid. At first I used it on my palette mixed with the paint but wasn’t very happy with that so I put it into a small spray bottle and that was great, I could either spray onto the paint on the palette or directly onto the board as I painted. It took a wee while to get the hang of how much to use, but it certainly gave me a nice loose start to the painting.

As I worked my way through the painting I changed to Middle Medium which I used on my palette and mixed with the paint as I worked.This one is really nice, almost giving an oil paint texture. Both of these mediums made it much easier to work on the board and will be part of my tool kit from now on. Art Supplies have a special offer on these till the end of the month which is worth checking out.

P.S, If you’re wondering about my strange looking palette arrangement in the photo…. I‘ve tried different palettes for acrylic paint and always end up with a terrible mess. I read this idea somewhere recently and adapted it to my own needs – all you need is something to go underneath (an old tray, a plastic chopping board, something from your recycling center or op shop...) and an old damp facecloth placed on top of the tray, covered with a sheet of baking paper held on by bulldog clips.

I find that my paints stay moist all day on this, no mess and a lot less wastage.