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Painting Ideas Are Everywhere - Global Student Acrylic

While lying in bed last week unable to move about due to a bad back strain, painting was a no go. However that didn’t stop the thought process one bit. In fact it gave me the needed time to do what every artists has on their mind at some point. WHAT NEXT?

With exhibitions around the corner and this blog to write I had time to put my thinking cap on. Impasto. What to do? What to do it with? As in my previous blog painting is not all about painting what you see. It’s about imagination as well.  Impasto paint is about imagination. It’s thick, It’s creamy, Its fun, It’s creative paint in a tube waiting to explode onto the canvas. 

Well I live in a house which was built at the time of textured ceilings. So while lying in bed and having just that ceiling to look at for two days, and the following two days stuck in my recliner not moving much and watching my oldest granddaughter doing her dance practice, the idea just merged all together. 

Her dance song is Fireworks by Katie Perry. So combining that and the texture on the ceiling I produced the next piece of art (Now named Fireworks) using the Impasto paints which would give me the texture I needed and the bright colours. 

What to use to create the texture like the ceiling. I needed something that would leave little raised mountains. But at the same time would cover all the canvas. A pallet knife was going to take forever to use. So what could I use that would cover a decent area. Glad wrap popped into my head. So once I had more freedom in my back and I was able to sit for a bit in my office chair, I started creating, by applying, well squeezing the paint from the tube onto the canvas, using all the colours that came in the packet.

Not as messy as I thought it was going to be. Once I carefully laid out the glad wrap over all the paint the fun started. I gently started massaging the paint so as not to mix it entirely into each other but to blend some to create new colours and leave some colours as is. You need to make sure you have enough paint on the canvas that it will cover the entire canvas.

Once I was sure the entire canvas was covered I then gently peeled off the glad wrap in a way that it left little peaks in the wet paint, thus creating the same texture that was on the ceiling. The colours had blended in perfectly. Keeping the colours I used and creating more colours with the blending.

With any technique you have to constantly try to develop it.

It’s all about building layers of interest and creating a depth of surface.  So with this technique, if you missed a spot then just use a palette knife to fill those little gaps and pat so you get the same effect.

You can experiment with different tools to achieve different finishes, because they can create the illusion of detail where there is none.  Everyday things can be wonderful tools to apply the paint. Palette knife, a brush, a spoon, a fork, a lid, anything you want. Impasto paint can also be a fun way to paint outdoors as it allows for spontaneity. There is no limitations on what you can do with it. It’s also a great paint to use if you have old canvases that you would normally chuck away. Worst case scenario, you will have had a bit of fun, and brought back life into an old canvas. I have one such large canvas sitting in my studio and I am going to use this exact thing to paint it in the ocean blues you can see here.

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 - Lynn Gillespie Art