Seaside - Matisse Sampler Set Series

Seaside - Matisse Sampler Set Series

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside… Matisse Sampler Set

So my next project experimenting with the Matisse Sampler Set is to create a seascape scene, which is one of my favourite scenes. I absolutely love the beach and the need to live near one is a must for me in order to feel good with life. I chose this scene as the Matisse structure acrylics are great for holding their texture and the dramatic waves can really be enhanced with these paints.

The colours lay down beautifully and hold their vibrancy really well. They’re easy to mix and glide on like a breeze. The sets blues are so bright and rich they were really the inspiration  to create this painting & are perfect for this scene. The Ultramarine Blue is super delicious as is the Phthalocyanine blue, a name that sounds more like a species of dinosaur than a paint, are the heroes of this scene and I’m absolutely loving creating the different shades of the clouds and the sea.

The super fast drying of these paints also helps to layer quickly and that for me holds my interest, I don’t have a lot of patience with painting which is really a contradiction in itself but the fact that the Matisse structure paints dry so fast is a real bonus for me as I can get bored easily.

It’s coming along nicely however I’ve still got a lot more layering and detail to complete, but overall I’m happy with my direction.

 - Natasha Fitzpatrick