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So I’m onto my final piece of art with these pens and as I said in the beginning the feel I got from them straight away was a street art or  mural vibe. So this will be my focus on this piece and I’m really looking forward to having a play & creating something funky. The other cool thing about these pens is that they’re also compatible with other Liquitex products so you can combine them with a spray paint or varnish. Anywhoo back to the art. So I begin to sketch out my design. I’m wanting to create a...

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So getting started on creating art, this is all new to me as I’ve never tried paint markers before so this is a big experiment. As I mentioned in blog 1 my first initial feel for these pens was to create street style art but there is so much more variety to these than just that type of art, you can really go in any direction you choose. Landscapes, abstract - the possibilities are endless. So kicking off I decide to create something with bold colour, as these pens pop out in vibrancy. I sketch out a design in pencil...

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So my new year has begun with a glorious new courier in the mail and the package is rather big so naturally I’m excited. Once opened, inside is a metal tin with a window on the front so you can get a peek at what’s inside. What I see are 12 markers of bright colours and 3 larger markers in black, white and silver. I have in my hot little hands the Liquitex Paint Markers. Now I’m super excited to give these a try as I absolutely love drawing, painting is fun too but I have to try a lot harder at...

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