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And you will want to as well... I consider myself to be an experimental artist. I will try pretty much any product, tool or technique and will probably invent a few new techniques along the way. Sometimes it’s a complete failure but for the most part I love the end results. Of course, this could just be because I keep experimenting until I end up with something that I love. I was incredibly fortunate to receive some samples of a number of Derivan Matisse Dry Mediums from to play and experiment and create and generally have fun with. To...

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Atelier have just launched some new mediums, and today I’ve been trialing two of them – Atelier Thin Medium and Atelier Middle Medium. I enjoy painting on primed hardboard, but sometimes acrylic paint can be a bit “draggy” on this surface – so I decided to use the Thin medium first to do an underwash which I wanted to be quite liquid. At first I used it on my palette mixed with the paint but wasn’t very happy with that so I put it into a small spray bottle and that was great, I could either spray onto the paint...

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Today’s advanced testing indicates that the use of turpentine alone as a dilutent for oil paints is to be avoided, as it is too easy to destroy the binder and benefits of carefully milled paint.

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Matisse Painting Mediums are complementary products designed to make acrylic paint more versatile.

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