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Das, Paper, Review -

Recently I joined an Art Society group after moving cities. Someone commented on the paper I was using, saying that she had never seen if before. I thought I’d quickly show you some of the qualities of Das 135 gram cartridge paper that is available in their conservation pad range. A portion of the sale price of these pads is donated to the Hollyford Conservation Trust, so there is a feel-good factor when using them. The facts are these pads come in a variety of sizes A4, A3, A2, I find the Pad of 20 in A3 to be quite economical...

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Acrylic Paint, Atelier, Educational, Paint, Yellow -

Yellow invokes summer, flowers , happiness....

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Acrylic Paint, Atelier, Educational, Paint, Red -

Red stands for passion. Red stands for danger. Red stands for warmth.

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Educational, Paper -

When purchasing papers for artistic use it is important to consider the type of media, the quantity of said media being applied

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Canvas, Educational -

Fabric supports for painting have been used in one form or another for centuries

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